1. Many students who want to go to college but no costs.
2. Many students who have the skills / intelligence in a way want to deepen in college.
3. Parents living in poverty / not have parents.

1. Helping student who are not able to go to the university / college.
2. Helping the needs of children, start from school costs, stationery, then, rental house, etc.
Regulations for students:
1. The student must be serious to school.
2. Students must have a statement about not being able to continue their studies.
3. Funds from donors are paid directly into the account of the Sunflower Foundation. The 

    funding includes school costs, school stationery, etc..
4. Request from the student costs to the Foundation, must be asked based Draft Needs.

5. Students have to take time to meet with donors who helped them, when donors come to 

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