It's forbidden

It's forbidden to cry without learning, wake up in the morning not knowing what to do.
Be afraid of your memories.

It's forbidden not to smile problems, dont fight for what you want, and give up, for fear.
Don't try to turn your dreams into reality.

It isn't forbidden to show your love making others pay for your bad moods.

It's forbidden to abandon your friends, don't try to understand those who are close to you, and call them only when you need it.

It's forbidden not to be yourself in front of people, to pretend in front of people that don't interest you, be polite just to get you to remember, forget all those who love you.

It's forbidden not to do things for yourself, to be afraid of life and its compromises, not to live each day as if it were your last breath.

You're not allowed to miss someone without joy, forgetting his eyes and his smile, just because your paths have ceased to meet.
Forget the past and make it serve the present.

It's prohibited not to try to understand people, to think that their lives are worth less than yours, don't believe that everyone takes their own path in their own hands.

It isn't forbidden to create your own story, don't find even a moment for those who need you, don't accept what life gives you, so you can take it away.

It's prohibited not to seek your happiness, do not live your life positively, not think that we can only get better. 
I don't feel that, without you, thisworld would not be the same.
(Pablo Neruda)


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