Just a teacher

Just a teacher
Just a teacher to make a difference, but we want it to do.
The boys even today, maybe after some time, they recognize when a teacher has done something for him, even if it happens that we may never know.
And that's the beauty of our work: do it selflessly, without expecting any recognition.
Ask the teacher is a question of responsibility and to be truly must be imbued with the passion that you play all in the relationship with their students and not in a general recognition of the company.
It is not a job like any other and a "master" can be remembered for having contributed to the growth of a boys in a positive sense, or to render it more difficult.
Therefore, when those who teach is not the passion for what he teaches, but even more afraid of the report that has its own education with capital, it can also do harm.
The teacher who loves his work and his boys, however they may be, is aware of the greatness and, if you will, of the mystery of his profession, of what he professed in a Hippocr
atic oath ever uttered.

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