Project: we help children to continue the school in Kauditan

Over the years, with the Sunflower Association, we have tried to respond to the many needs of poor people in North Sulawesi in Indonesia and especially children and young people, thanks to distance adoptions and people who have helped us to build a small school and a social fish cooperative.

In a Kauditan's school
The commitment of the Sunflower Association is to stay close to children who decide not to continue the school Second Elementary of Kauditan.

Now our energies are in the family home, which today accommodates 5 children, Debora 11 months, Tasya 12 years, Saprin 12, Frola 14 years old, 9 years .

A second elementary child
Now we are slowly concentrating on the many children every year decide to stop from continuing to school because the family can not afford the cost of school supplies.

In this year we were able to continue the school to 12 boys and there are still 5 missing.

Donations made to 4 children
Now start this new project with the second class of elementary schools and encourage and support children in the school without losing the necessary material: books, folders, books, crayons, notebooks, school uniforms, shoes.

The four children who received the donation
This project is born in the elementary school of Kauditan and the children involved are 25, I am increasingly convinced that saving on education means investing in ignorance and so I'm trying to do my best to give a future to all the children.

The Second Elementary Class of the Kauditan School
The total cost to support, for one year, all 25 of these children is € 2500 (€ 100 per child), as always we will take photos and videos for you to see the child or child you have sustained all the class.

Thanks to all those who share this initiative or they will actually help us to carry it forward.

The teacher with the manager of the Sunflower Association
Education is the most powerful weapon that can be used to change the world. (Nelson Mandela) 

Education is our passport for the future, because tomorrow belongs to those who are now preparing to face it. (Malcom X)

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