Thank you for a concert benefit in Livorno

Mothers and children receive money for the family
I'm Theresia Mongdong, Chintia Tuyu, and all the people in Langowan Village, especially and Indonesia generally.
We are very grateful for your help.
Full of happiness on the faces of the children of Indonesia and can not be expressed in words.
Only a sincere smile and a sincere heart and said "thank you".
And "a pray" from our children, for you who have shared the charity.
I hope in the future, there are people who are kind, can help the children poor of Indonesia.
Thanks so much for God, thank you for Sunflower Association and for every.
This concert benefit, made ​​with the heart, can bring a blessing of God.
Good luck !
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Children received 5.000 rupia

Ready to go in Manado

The children choose shoes

The six children choose the folder

Children take the necessary material for school

We share the rice in the families poor

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