Stefano Dentella makes another offer for our children and the school

Ririn with the school dress and a new dipenser
Another offer for our children and the play group in Airmadidi and see how this money were used.

They had been 2,757,560 rupiah and Mr. Stefano Dentella and family have sent another offer of 5,200,000 rupiah for our children and the needs of the school.
We bought the play group in Airmadidi:
10 chairs for children: 2,400,000
Table 1 275,000
Balloons, stationery and a blackboard with a total 807,000
Material purchased for Ririn:
Packed with Ririn 246,000 in a city
Transport equipment (chairs, Blackboard, wardrobe) and in Manado 530.000
Lunch together in the city 246,000
Dress for school 204750
Wardrobe to put clothes 350,000
Dispenser for water 253,000
Spending on groceries 278,000
Stationery 483,300
Finally, we still helped the family of Cheril
Milk, rice, some clothes and a little game 504,000
Total 6,321,050 rupiah
They remain 1,6355,10 rupiah
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Table, chairs and equipment for the play group
Erano rimasti 2.757.560 rupia e il Signor Stefano Dentella ha mandato altri 5.200.000 rupia per i nostri ragazzi e i bisogni della scuola.
Abbiamo comprato:
10 sedie per i bambini più piccoli del play group: 2.400.000
1 tavolo 275.000
Palloni, materiale di cancelleria per i bambini del play group e una lavagna per un totale 807.000
Pranzo insieme a Ririn in città 246.000
Trasporto materiale (sedie. Lavagna, guardaroba) e in città con Ririn 530.000
Vestito per la scuola 204.750
Guardaroba per mettere i vestiti 350.000
Dispenser per l’acqua 253.000
Spesa in generi alimentari per Ririn 278.000
Materiale di cancelleria per Ririn 483.300
Latte, riso e un piccolo gioco per la famiglia di Cheril 504.000
Totale 6.321.050

Restano 1.635.510

Lunch with Ririn in Manado
Buy school material

Ririn buy the dress for school
The wardrobe for clothes Ririn

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