Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The birthday of a student

The birthday of a student
Today is the birthday of one of our students and I prepared this reflection.
 What really matters when you are celebrating your birthday.
Matter that there are real friends, the ones that do not make you the best gift, but remember you even when you're sick.
Import love, give everything and keep if only for the desire to change the world.
Import the family that you remember, supports you and will never leave you alone.
Imports have the opportunity every day to dreams and live their dreams because they live or will be realized.
The important is not always stop and have a clear objective to reach, always fight for the ideals without fear of obstacles that must be addressed.
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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Play group

Play group in Airmadidi Indonesia
I'll show you that this is the play group that the children are under age 5 who are every morning from Monday to Friday from 9 to 10 to play, pray, sing, and start doing some drawing, and then conclude with a beautiful Twinkie.
In this photo you can see David (4 years) Jessica (3 years) Sisi (4 years) Veren (3 years) the group consists of 25 children, but it 's unlikely that there are any.
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Saturday, 15 March 2014

The family and work

The family and work
Observing families in Indonesia I 'm realizing that the family is the first place where every children learns the meaning of work.
I learn at least twice :
1 . Seeing her parents work.
2 . Through the "work" that takes place within the family.
On this aspect does not speak much in our western culture if not in reflections negative impact on children labor or slavery, yet it represents a milestone in the development of the boy, growing up knowing the joys and difficulties of human and material of labor within the life family.
Another very positive thing is the involvement of families, staying together and you really feel that families are not alone.
There is, first of all a community of reference and then a civil and political society.
All this from the opportunity to have moments of sharing, joy and help, I think it can also be used to style the western try to stop and think about these simple aspects.
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Thursday, 13 March 2014

A good parent

A good parent
Each of us is worried about being a good parent
The task to which we are called, in becoming parents, provides reflections quiet, intelligent and targeted towards serenity. 
Giving their children, the superfluous, fill needs and dependencies, put them in a cage in the rules learned, serves for adults only! 
We must regain the ability to think on their own. 
The children don't want unlimited freedom, friends or parents, rather they need to know that responsible adults argue with them and find time to be close to accepting the difficult but natural "challenge". 
There is a need for many parents imperfect, capable of emotions and passions, who can grow with their children without ever losing sight of them!
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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Love life

Love life
The life should be lived to the end, because it's wonderful. 
We need from birth petting, affection, attention from others. 
In fact, the attention of the people close to us is very exciting because it gives us security and greater awareness of our way of being and acting also towards others, the environment and society. 
Sometimes life puts us on the way the human strain, the children is growing well and is resistant to all weathers of life if it is supported by the love of parents and the positive lessons which will take received will bring them with you for a lifetime.
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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The situation of our church

Church in Airmadidi
At this time we all live a delicate situation and we can even find it hard to donate or to reach out to others, because the work becomes less and less, and the money begins to fail, but I'm sure that when we are able to lend a hand to others, give a hand to ourselves. 
We have our church that leaks from the roof and when it rains it is impossible to find for ourselves and celebrate being together. 
We tried to quantify the price of the material (wood, bamboo , nails, sheet metal, iron), and the total is of €3100 $ 4650 for us is a rather high figure, and we're looking for someone who can help us, even if you can‘t, you make sure that those who have the possibility to receive our letter. 
I'll show you some pictures that show the situation better.
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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Educate and communicate

Educate and communicate: Regina's family in Indonesia
So many times we talk about education and seek the best terms to compile them and analyze the value on subjects various methods to achieve a healthy and successful education
But a few times does not approach the issue of education, the importing of communicating that in my opinion should be put more a theme and analyzed to better understand how to best educate
In fact, today it seems difficult to communicate, because communication means get out of the self, from their safeties, and begin to compare with those around you, remaining available and open. 
In fact, the educational communication is not just an exchange of technical information, but is entering into a relationship with others that is a deep commitment, a conscious responsibility to the formation and growth of the other.
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