Monday, 20 October 2014

The companions of Giuseppe Bertinotti give us a hand to continue the work

An offer really significant 9.089.000 rupiah (EUR 610) was sent by the companions of the III B of the Salesians of Milan.

Work continues in the bathrooms
The friends of Giuseppe Bertinotti, a man who always gave my best for the kids and the school and left a great void in everyone who met him with this offer and wanted to continue his work to the students.

These are the names of each of them: Grecchi Atonio, Lazzari Maurizio, Giudice Paolo, Ciminago Sergio, Tenti Giuseppe, Corino Carlo, Zucchetti Umberto, Franchini Bruno, Pozzi Ernesto, Galli Sergio, Scaringi Giacomo, Greppi Giampaolo, Uberti Franco, Laudi Giuseppe, Lunghini Marco, Mascheroni Giuseppe, Gatti Claudio, Carelli Emilio, Cioni Paolo, Scotti Ernesto, Petrini P. Luigi, Cerizza Pierluigi, Rossi Nicola, Scandella Alessio, Damarco Claudio, Tasquier Giovanni, Brusa Giuseppe, and to add these names: the wife Ivana Monti and the mother: Ghirimoldi Erminia.

A big thank you to all of you for this gesture to our simple reality. 

Now there there are only 990 Euro to complete this important work

With the money we received we bought: 
A Basin: 1,900,000 rupiah 
Tubes and the mixer: 672,000 rupiah 
Brick and concrete: 915,000 rupiah 
10 bars of iron: 280,000 25 
bamboo poles: 470,000 
4 sheets for the roof: 920,000 
4 pieces of plywood: 650,000 
Wood: 2,500,000 
4 buckets of paint: 782,000
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Thursday, 16 October 2014

We have managed to finish off the septic reservoir

The Providence, continues to be neighbors to support our urgent work, to complete the school bathrooms in Airmadidi.

We finished the septic reservoir
An Italian family having seen in difficulty in the continuation of the school bathrooms, sent us an offering of 1,495,000 rupiah and immediately bought the material needed to complete the septic reservoir and buying:

6 bags of cement: 354,000 rupiah
4 iron rods: 112,000 rupiah
Sand and bricks: 990,000 rupiah
1 bucket of bricklayer 39,000 rupiah

To complete the work are missing 24,150,000 rupiah that is to say € 1,610.

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Thursday, 2 October 2014

The birthday party of the mother Baramuli in the school

Today, October 30, 2014 at 14:00 is the birthday of Prof. Dr. Albertina N. Baramuli, and the founder of the school, it is a beautiful sunny day and were prepared three tents in the school Akper Baramuli.

The mother Baramuli speaks to guys
The event took place in this way: a car has accompanied her in school and she was a surprise and just saw all the kids gathered for her, she was moved and had words for everyone.

Today is his birthday and is celebrating its 84 years old, a woman of character, who continues his studies at the Christian University in Jakarta for his passion for the study and the children.

She has 4 sons and his hobbies include writing, reading, painting, and sewing and loves all kinds of plants and flowers.

The world of education is his life and when he opens a can every where, her husband was Dr. Arnold Baramuli, the first governor of Central Sulawesi and North Sulawesi, but died eight years ago, leaving a great remembrance in a people.

As long as he was alive her husband Mrs. Baramuli taught in schools and has participated in conferences around the world, she likes to call the school warrior, who fights every day for the instruction and education of the children.

The Indonesian government has awarded with 7 Medals for his service, thanking them for their dedication and commitment in the world of education in Indonesia.

Happy Birthday mother Baramuli, may God protect forever. Amen.
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Saturday, 27 September 2014

Work continues in the bathrooms at school

That's nice to know you have so many people who help us and support us in different ways, you arrive our thanks and our prayers.

The sand for the construction of bathrooms
A thank you from Sunflower Association and of the whole school for the help they sent us a family of Milan for 441,436 rupiah which we immediately used to buy the material for the construction of bathrooms, and are now € 1710 to complete our work .

4 bags of cement 236,000
Sand and bricks 210,000

We are really happy to be able to continue, one step at a time, even this work for kids school who are beginning to be so many.

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