Samuel, James and Venda help in Sunflower Association

I like to occasionally stop, to photograph the children, while helping and themselves busy.

Samuel (4 anni)
The kids, young people and children help families and Sunflower Association making himself useful in small household chores and taking clean lawns.

Each day you see them holding the broom straw and ready to work hard and always with a smile and helping those in need.

In the photos you can see Samuel (4 years), James (6 years), Venda (21 years old).

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Work continues for family accommodation

Dony Marchetti does not leave us alone and continues to help in the project that we started for the arrangement of the house in the Sunflower Association for the family of Dedy.

Change the pump route
He has sent another offer of 1,271,400 that there are served to put the water pump and the pipe going in bathrooms.

Now we lack 11,778,600 rupiah, Providence continues to be near us and to support the families and the poorest children and I have to note is that we can continue the work thanks to a friend of mine from Bergamo who sent us 4,500,000 and in a few days i'll show you the results we are getting.

We begin to see something and there are only 7,278,600 (about 500 euro).

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Find the time to be happy

In Indonesia I found the taste of love and rediscovered the word happiness.

Child in Indonesia
People have more and more need to be loved, because there is allontando from each other and no one has time to stop and enjoy the simple everyday gestures that start at caresses, kisses and sincere greetings.

Being among these people gave me a chance to catch these little habits and then resume the taste of love and to live as long as the most precious gift.

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A new computer for Sunflower Association

The day is spent yesterday, tomorrow is yet to come and we have only today.
If we help the people who are close to being what it should be today, will have the courage to deal with life, in every moment, with greater love.

The new computer for Sunflower Association
I'm happy because so many people over the years have not left us alone, but they helped, supported and shared all our projects, have taken charge of children and families and contnuano inform themselves and to pray for us.

In this day Mr. Anselmo Dentella, after he knew that we had broken the computer immediately responded by sending the money to buy it again and so we can continue to tell and bring our experience of the poor in Indonesia.

Now you all know that the project is that for accomodaton a family of Dedy and we are still missing about 900 euro and will continue to update.
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