16 April Pegaso Star Organizzazioni Eventi in Livorno helps our association

Saturday 16 April at 21:00, in the Theatre of the Salesians in Livorno, will be held Pegaso Star Music Festival event that came to the fourteenth edition of this national demonstration Edit and Unpublished Songs organized by Pegaso Star Organizzazioni Eventi in Livorno.

14th edition of the National Exhibition 
This event will be hosted by Marco Leonetti, Radio Incontro and will feature 22 emerging singers from all over Italy, interspersed by the choreography of the Studio Live Dance Academy and Costa Etruschi Model Agency.

Each year, this event raised funds to be donated to various associations for cancer research and the various humanitarian organizations like UNICEF this year thank Claudio Tantardini who thought to our reality of Sunflower Association operating for several years in Indonesia and this year began a free schooling for children aged 2 to 5 years.

I thank those who help advance and remind everyone that they are welcome and that which will be given to us we will post pictures of how we have used it.

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82 children received uniforms

We have succeeded to make the uniforms for 82 children of kindergarten Paud Bunga Matahari, thanks for help of so many people.

The latest uniforms for Paud Bunga Matahari
Thanks to the help of Anna, Giusi and Gino di Telgate (4,200,000 rupiah), Anna and Giacomo of Gandosso (350,000 rupiah) and Vittorio and Elena di Telgate (350,000 rupiah); we were able to buy 32 uniforms that were missing for the kindergarten.

These you see in the picture are the latest uniforms that have come and Tuesday, when the school starts again, will deliver to the children and we will thank you in a video.

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New Project: Church becomes a place of play during the week

To finish this project of the Church becomes a place of play and school for the kids during the week, it still takes around 3.500 Euro (50 million rupiah), ask for a help also to each of you, in union there is strength.

Pastor Meidy during the opening of the school
A few months ago I went to see my friend Meidy pastor of the Pentecostal Church of Makalisung and we talked about a new and innovative project (Church "Gereja" which will be transformed during the week in a meeting place, play and school for children) and we said, we leave and God willing, and will send us his Providence.

The fact is that the work started and we have already completed the skeleton thanks to free labor and materials that gave us now ask to you to support us in this new cutting edge design that makes that a church will also become house and that It goes to cover the Kema area, on the sea, in the village of fishermen Makalisung.

Now to buy bricks, concrete, and complete the church / house making even the toilets it still takes 50 million rupiah (about 3.500 EUR).

Following'll do the finishing and the chairs with tables and games to put in it, we now see to be able to carry out the work, I hope in your heart and in your good hand that has never been lacking.

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A little girl, Asmirandah, to help

Asmirandah Kowit Tang was born in Sarongsong I, Airmadidi September 18 of 2011 attends school every day and is very smart.

Asmiranda and Nindy
Joudy is a dad and mom Julce Koho preparing and selling cakes at the market or running from house to house, they are a very poor family but trying to do the best, this situation that I would point out.

I hope someone can take responsibility and adoption at a distance this sweet little child Asmirandah.

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