We give accommodation to the family of Dedy

Thanks, to all those who support us and we are close, to supporting our projects and taking care of so many children and their families and as you can see there are many initiatives that we have achieved thanks to you.

Dedy Komenaung in their former home
Now we are carrying out a new job, at the headquarters of Sunflower Association, to settle a family who lost land and the house, after being in debt to the serious illness of their son.

Ms. Bibiana Alfaro and Dony Marchetti and their respective families have helped us to start this project by donating 1,398,800 rupiah and an estimate for these works is 13,800,000 rupiah (about 980 euro) and includes the woodwork for the construction, two beds, a wardrobe and the cooker.

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Paolo Curti wants help and support Indriani

Paolo Curti, who has on several occasions supported aid projects at situations poorest and most needy, now sent me some messages telling me to want to help a boy or a girl.

Indriani choose the folder for school
He sent an offer of 1,382,759 rupiah and we thought with this money to help Indriani Makawata 8 year old who lives near the forest and so loves the school, with this money we supported certain expenses that the child has revealed.

We went with her to the grocery store in town and we took the folder, school supplies and food for her and the family: rice, milk, sugar, salt, bread, then saw a plush and looked at him with admiration, and then the we said: "Take it from Paolo will be happy" and she did um big smile and then shook her hands and now keeps it always with you.

In addition, he took a pair of sandals and shoes for the party and a suit to use every day, thank you Paolo for what you have done and are doing for the small Indriani.

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Rafi and Lionel helped by families of Bibiana and Dony

The families of Dony and Bibiana have again sent an offer to Sunflower Association telling us that he cares about our situation and want to be close to the poorest families in need.

Rafi and Lionel on the couch that we gifted
They sent 1.307.000 rupiah that we used for the family of Rafi age 10 months and Lionel age 7 months, both are very cheerful and lively.

We bought them for two dresses and two bottles, oil, rice, milk, salt, sugar, vinegar, coffee, white flour, eggs and we did put in their house mosquito nets to protect them from mosquito with the virus of Dengue.

Thanks so much to the families who have helped us and continue to support us and ask about our people.

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Italian friend has done gifts to the little children Neva

A friend contacted me privately on facebook and told me that he wanted to be close to us at this time is not too good, and gave us the gift of 703,000 rupiah.

The smile of the little child Neva
Asking me to be able to remain anonymous because he wanted people to see the heart and not the first name.

With this money we helped a little children named Neva Salibano living in a very poor situation, but that never loses the smile and soon we told him that there was a person who wanted to help jumping for joy and has been around the village telling everyone to have a friend from Italy that made gifts.

With this money we bought him a nice dress, a pair of sandals, milk, a necklace, a bangle, two notebooks and some pens with a game and 10 kg of rice for a family.

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