Friday, 29 August 2014

Feivi loves animals

Feivi watching us

Feivi lives in a poor family and loves animals, has in the house a rabbit, two dogs, one cat and several chickens.

Feivi is 4 years old, he attended the play group and every morning arrives with great enthusiasm and desire to participate and play in all the activities we offer.
His family is very poor, the father is the painter and did not always work and the mother takes care of her two children and washing clothes for the various families.
They built their house with some sheet metal and a bit of plywood, on a ground that we donated as an association.
There are young family, but they have a lot of good will and they do everything with great joy and passion and I'm sure that will be able to get a lot of satisfaction.
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Monday, 25 August 2014

The life of a woodcutter

Jane and Albert are inseparable, have fun with nothing and follow the dad who work as a woodcutter.
Jane and Albert playing on wheelbarrow
Jane 7 years and Albert 3 years old are brothers, their mother died a year ago suffering from cancer and her father is a woodcutter and tries to take care of their children with a really low wages and long hours of work.
In fact, each day starts with his wheelbarrow and free tools of labor and carries with it the children who follow him willingly.
Once I arrived at work inventing something for the children and then starts working.
Today has decided to prepare a small wheelbarrow and Jane and Albert are happy to try this new game.
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Sunday, 24 August 2014

New bathrooms in the school of Airmadidi

They started the work for the new bathrooms in the school of Airmadidi and we hope that Providence will help us.
They started the excavations
Many projects the  Sunflower Association has in a mind and several help arrived for our students as you have seen in the posts that we put.
Now add this urgent work:
On 22 August 2014 we started the excavation in the school of Airmadidi, to build two other bathrooms for our students.
The total will be 2200 euro, we can only rely on the Providence and hope that someone can give us a hand in order to achieve even this urgent work.
We are happy to share it with all of you who follow us and keep you informed on everything.
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Monday, 18 August 2014

Indriani want to be a stewardess

A Indriani like going to school, but the family is very poor and the mother has trouble walking.

Family's Indriani
Indriani Makawata (Indri), live in Airmadidi Sarongsong II and she’s 8 yaers old, born on 11 Juli 2006.
Now she is a student on level 3 in a elementary school.
Some day, she wants to be a stewardess.
Indriani live with a family and she doesn’t have a sister or brother.
Mother is a housewife and has deform at the foot.
Father work in a camp and this picture is take when her father just return from the farm and he’s bringing a vegetable for give to her wife.
When have much material, he sales some vegetable to traditional market.The first day in the school, Indriani wants a new shoes and uniform for go to school, because is a family very poor and no can buy never.
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