Day of Smiles for poor children

We would like to arrange to December 12, 2016 an unforgettable day, remembering the first year of the foundation of the free school of small, Paud Bunga Matahari in Airmadidi.

Children are our most precious treasure
If Providence us a hand the idea is to make a lunch with 300 people, 100 of whom are our school children, with competitions for all children.

I thought to football games, to the drawings and in the parade with costumes.

The day we want to start at 8:00 am with the transport bus at all with lots of green that you can see in the video that I put on You Tube.

This day we spend in the Paniki Sports Park, five minutes from Manado.

Lunch at 12:30, and we will follow the awards of all children with the delivery of a T-shirt with the name of the school, return at approximately 16.00

For more information please call +6281340801189 (Ibu Theresia).

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We brought food and school supplies, donated by Claudio di Paco and friends

The 29 August 2016 we received 10,115,712 rupiah, on behalf of Sunflower Association, by Claudio Paco which is selling a CD whose proceeds be donated to the children and the poorest families of the islands in Indonesia.

Children receive their gift
These days we bought all the material and and 6 September 2016 we went to deliver it, taking pictures and video to witness the joy of the people in Kamenti village receive this help from Italian friends.

We were able to prepare 50 bags spending for families that contained 2 kg of rice, 5 packages of pasta, coffee, tea, sugar, salt, flour.

As for the 50 children in this village, we have prepared bags containing: complete case with pen, pencil, eraser, ruler, 12 crayons, 2 pack of biscuits, 2 cans, 5 notebooks and 3 sketchbook, toothpaste, toothbrush and soap.

Thanks Claudio Di Paco and friends for this project called: "Duets for a hope of children" and thank one by one those who bought this CD and those who plan to buy it.

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Distance adoption and savings account for the future of poor children

Some donors have talked to me about the future of these children, who receive aid through distance adoption, and was expected to make a savings account that can be withdrawn from the boys when they turn 18 years old.

The savings book for the future
 To do this we thought of a regulation, to be signed to the parents, to ensure that the money that are given are really important for the future of the child, in addition to thinking for the present with the necessary (milk, rice, clothes, school supplies ).

These are the rules that will be signed by the parents who bring a copy of the identity card and a stamp duty of Rp. 6000.

1. The savings book looks at the future of child living in economically weak and disadvantaged families. 

2. This money comes from donors who work with Sunflower Association and support these guys, not only in the present, but with an eye to the future.

Trivena helped by Emanuela
3. The purpose of the savings book thinking about the future is to help child/student to a better future fulfilling some of their little dream and encouraging them to go to school and to do their best.

4. Each month you receive Rp in the booklet. 50.000.- (fifty thousand rupees) until they reach the age of 18. 5.
For all student/child who will be the first class, will receive a bonus of Rp. 100.000.- (one hundred thousand rupees) per month.

6. Child must have the following requirements:
a. weak / economically disadvantaged.
b. Aged 1-18 years
c. Well behaved and diligent at school.
d. Respectful to the donors and the comrades.

Family helped by Sara
7. Sunflower Association continues to monitor the child/student who receive this savings book for the future.

8. This savings book is locked if the following problems arise:
a. School drop or non-regular basis of the school (represented by the school)
b. Parents no longer want your child be part of this program.
c. The parents, siblings or child themselves create problems to the association or to donors.
d. I helped child make problems in a village.
e. The child have been reported missing by the government through a letter.
f. The baby was pronounced dead by the government through a letter.
g. The child and family don't want to be monitored by Sunflower Association.
h. Don't respect the donor visits.

At the age of eighteen years the child will receive the money along with their parents and in the absence thereof to a relative.

This certificate is created and approved by the parents of the child helped/student and come to the aid of a person who has decided to take charge of him through the adoption program at a distance and savings book for the future.

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Claudio di Paco duets with many artists for charity

The singer from Livorno, Claudio di Paco, has decided to launch a CD for charity for our poor village of Batang in Indonesia, thanks to all the artists who have given their support to this project and that are brought into play in a series of duets unmissable.

Thanks to all those who support this cd
The new cd by Claudio di Paco for charity
A brief released a video clip promoting this album, which you can hear in a concert to be held on August 20 and in a few weeks we will give you all the news and keep you informed on this great event.

On behalf of the Sunflower Association thank all those who agreed to be part of this record, and everyone will buy it supporting our activities for the benefit of the most needy.

I leave this little reflection found on the wall of the children's home in Calcutta.

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