Friday, 25 July 2014

The first year of elementary school

Chelsea on the board
Today I want to present the first year of elementary school and I do following Chelsea who is six years old and for the first time crosses the threshold of the school to the introductory phase.
Through the photos I show her friend that accompanies it and then when it starts the hour lesson and in time of recreation.
Every children who starts his adventure in the school brings with it many emotions and so much passion is then up to us adults to accompany them and keep them alive in this enthusiasm towards culture.
Educating is going back in the game every time we meet the children is a repeating again and a train not to lose the desire to update us with the reading and study.
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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Aunt Hawa is sick

Aunt Hawa is sick
These days I watched the newspapers and internet and all speak of children killed and spin photos showing how man can be cruel.
Of course I did this little reflections, we sometimes use pictures of children just to get more visibility and instead believe that everyone should be touched in front of each face of a brother and all of this came to me today that one of our Aunt Hawa always available and attentive got sick.
The Sunflower Associaton support with food, medicines, we would like to take her to hospital, but we can not take even this expense and then we try to do our best not making him miss anything at home.
Aunt Hawa Sangadi is 58 years old, lives in our village in Sarongsong II Airmadidi and only helps a student and giving him the chance to get the room with lunch and dinner.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Alin loves flowers

Alin in the grass
Alin Sarempa is a child of our village, she's almost 3 years old and  likes flowers.
Alin born in 17 August 2011 and now Alin will be enter in a little kindergarten.
Have one brother the name is Junimus, 8 years old. and is  in elementary school level IV.
Alin lives in Sarongsong II, Airmadidi with a mother: Agustina Palias.
Mother is a housewife and father: Rommy Sarempa and work for make a stone.
The stone can use for built a new building.
The Sunflower Association helps every month to do the shopping
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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Students must to thank Providence

A piece of the wall is fallen
Really starts to be a truly great, including the construction of the school and the guest house for students in Airmadidi there is always some urgent work to do.
In fact, it happens that fall of the wall pieces, as you can see from the picture, or you have to paint or repair metal roofs because when there is strong wind that often yield the nails.
Meanwhile, the students are increasing in number and this makes us really happy to say that the work we are doing is giving its first results.
We thank Providence for the many things that gives us every day.
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Friday, 18 July 2014

Riskila a child diligent

Riskila with a flower
We continue our presentation of children who need to be helped.

Riskila Tahumingge  is a child sweet girl 7 years old and is in a Level II in elementary school Airmadidi. 
Riskilla has one brother, his name Stefano 1 year and one sister her name Aprillia Paskawati, 13 years. 
Her mother: Yanse Manopo and father: Jeffry Tahumingge.
Her father work to carrying the passengers to the market with a motorcycle and mother is a housewife. 
Riskila has a dream about one day wants to be a policewoman. 
She is diligent goes to school.
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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

The last year of elementary school

Children are serious
 For many children this is the last year of elementary school and they are living by large with the excitement of making the jump.
Sure is a major leap that we have to accompany, support and manage.
The beautiful thing is to see them live at the school with seriousness and with a smile, with the commitment and passion and we hope that these fine features can bring them with in their daily journey of growth.
For now, I do wish to enjoy and understand this new year that awaits you and try to commit to always give the best.
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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The students from poor family

Anggraeni and Lestari in a guest house
These are the two new students entered our guest house, because they have a really problematic situation and the family cannot support them in their studies and now I present them:
Anggraeni Surpriadi. 18 years old now is a student in Baramuli Nursing Akademi (Akper Baramuli Airmadidi).
She has one Brother, his name is Andika 20 years old, student in a college and one sister, her name is Dava, 8 years old, is student in elementary school level IV.
In the past papa worked for built a new building but now he stay in the house because no have a project. Mother is a housewife.
Her name is Esther Navo and father is: Supriadi.
Anggraeni in a bedroom
Anggraeni wants to be a good nurse, this is a simple idea.
The other student is Lestari Tatambi, 19 years old and start ensamble in Baramuli Nursing Akademi (Akper Baramuli Airmadidi).
She has one brother.
His name is Kiki. 15 years old is studying in Yunior High School, level II.
Mother is Marlin Limonto and father is Tonny Tatambi.
In the past papa worked as a fisherman, but now father is sick and can stay only in the house.
Mother is a housewife.
Lestari wants to work in a big hospital and want to to care her father.
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