Rafi and Lionel helped by families of Bibiana and Dony

The families of Dony and Bibiana have again sent an offer to Sunflower Association telling us that he cares about our situation and want to be close to the poorest families in need.

Rafi and Lionel on the couch that we gifted
They sent 1.307.000 rupiah that we used for the family of Rafi age 10 months and Lionel age 7 months, both are very cheerful and lively.

We bought them for two dresses and two bottles, oil, rice, milk, salt, sugar, vinegar, coffee, white flour, eggs and we did put in their house mosquito nets to protect them from mosquito with the virus of Dengue.

Thanks so much to the families who have helped us and continue to support us and ask about our people.

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Italian friend has done gifts to the little children Neva

A friend contacted me privately on facebook and told me that he wanted to be close to us at this time is not too good, and gave us the gift of 703,000 rupiah.

The smile of the little child Neva
Asking me to be able to remain anonymous because he wanted people to see the heart and not the first name.

With this money we helped a little children named Neva Salibano living in a very poor situation, but that never loses the smile and soon we told him that there was a person who wanted to help jumping for joy and has been around the village telling everyone to have a friend from Italy that made gifts.

With this money we bought him a nice dress, a pair of sandals, milk, a necklace, a bangle, two notebooks and some pens with a game and 10 kg of rice for a family.

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Three families have been helped by Paolo Curti

We are happy because there are so many people around, helping with offerings and prayers and asking continuously news on our delicate situation right now.

Her husband died in an accident at sea
Paolo Curti there continues to be close and still sent an offer to Sunflower Association that we immediately used to help other families in this period not happy with several misfortunes that hit our area.

We succeeded with this money to help three families with clothing and basic necessities: milk and rice and school supplies and personal hygiene of children and we did put in their homes of mosquito nets to protect themselves from the problem of Dengue mosquito.

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Two families make an act of solidarity

These days the families of Bibiana Alfaro and Dony Marchetti called me telling me that they would send an offer for families affected by the recent disasters and arrived 1.4258 million rupiah.

The families come together to receive the boxes with clothes
As soon as we heard this news we immediately moved to go and buy food, clothes and to be able to help a family.

At the supermarket we bought milk, coffee, sugar, salt, flour, eggs, bottled water, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, while the traditional market we took chicken, fish and rice, and at a shop in the town of clothes for younger children.

I show you the time of delivery and the joy in the heart of this family, a big thank you to you for this gesture of solidarity.

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