The party of Saint Lucia tells us that Christmas is coming

When the current month of December seems that the whole world discovers another way of life, everything becomes colorful and you start to talk about peace, celebration and expects Christmas to be in the family and hope something good and positive. 

Christmas is near, we open our hearts and our hands
13 December is celebrated Saint Lucia and in several countries children start to receive the first gifts and make resolutions to behave well throughout the year.

The tree and the crib begin to glow and create the right atmosphere that leads us to live the birth of baby Jesus as an event that renews us and changes us inside.

It's important not to forget about those who can not live in the same way and will not have any presents, every gift that is done should be used with care and respect and where you can, try not to close their hearts and their hands, giving a hand to those who have our own fortunes.

I wish everyone to enjoy these moments and to color one's heart with the colors that we have made in December.
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We have helped Wusa Christian Middle school

Sunflower Association help WUSA Christian Middle School near the Sam Ratulangi airport, and now want make a room of computer for the student.

The WUSA Christian Middle School
This school is not great and the building is old and in poor condition.
This school is located behind the airport Sam Ratulangi Manado in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, and has three classes: Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3, this school is surrounded by fruit trees and plants, and the principal is Yusny S.Pd.

We gave her a contribution of 5 million rupiah to do the work of restoring the walls and painting, there remain problems in the bathrooms and you would be able to realize a room to put the computer, if someone has the ability or and knowledge to help this actually we are really happy to do so.

The students and the principal thanked the Sunflower Association and hope to realize their dream. Thanks for the contribution of all and people who care about the Indonesia and children.
God bless!
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The first birthday party in our school for a children

For the first time, in the class of the school Baramuli in Playgroup we could do a birthday party by offering Paolo Bellini

The birthday party of Gisella in the school
 Gisella Rumagit celebrated his birthday with all the school children Wednesday, November 5, 2014, reached three years.

Gisella was born in Manado, three years ago, the mother's name is Grazia and her father Christian and has a brother named Geano 7 year old who attends second grade of primary school and a sister her name is Gracella 5 years.

When adult Gisella wants to be a doctor, but she likes to cook too much.

We gave a play on the kitchen.

It was a memorable day all the kids will remember for a long time.

Best wishes, Gisella!

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Linda Corner has sent 500,000 rupiah for the school bathrooms

We are delighted to continue our work of toilets in the school  by offering Ms. Linda Corner, that in this way she wanted to be close to her people in Indonesia

Lampadine Philips
The work of the bathrooms continue, there were 13,320,000 rupiah, thanks to the offer made ​​by Mrs. Linda Corner of 500,000 rupiah there are only 12,820,000 rupiah (860 EUR).

With this money we have managed to complete the electrical connections by making internal and external:
4 bulbs 115,500 rupiah
3 sockets 30,000 rupiah
3 switch 39,000 rupiah
10 meters of electrical cable for indoor 65,000 rupiah
1 life-saving 15,000 rupiah
Clip for cable 5,000 rupiah
3 sockets 7,000 rupiah
20 meters of cable outer 200,000 rupiah
transport 23,000 rupiah
A heartfelt thanks.
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