Help for families affected by the fire

This morning, we went to deliver the gift (Rp. 1.489.000) made by a friend of mine (pasta, rice, sugar, oil, fish, flour) to the two families who lost everything in the fire.

The family of Welly Mamentu
It crashed my heart, see guests of another poor family and hear them told what had happened, kept opening in me the open wound on that sad evening.

It could have the same thing to me, I have been spared, but if I was in their conditions?

Poor families!!!

Yet they do not lose hope, the smile and the will to fight.

I am here and I will be close and I hope soon to be able to help more.

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Sara, Gianfranco, Davide and Francesca buy coloring books for all children

A very special thanks to Sara , Gianfranco, Davide and Francesca who contributed to buy, for the new class of kindergarten " Bunga Matahari ", different coloring books and some to learn the alphabet and numbers .

Coloring books for every children
They sent an offer of 459,495 rupee and we immediately called the library to let us have a book for each children.

The project is about to leave and these days we were able to finish even a small outdoor area, which will complete quietly with a few games.

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The power of sharing and smiles

The beauty of living and being with Indonesian people, is sharing, the smile which never lacking and that contagious you.

Share lunch with people
Whenever you're in some village, the coming to the table and invite all to eat together becomes a time of celebration (usually leave their guests eat and then if there's anything left divide it between them).

Anyway in any house you enter, you have to willingly accept what you offer is their way to welcome you and take you respect.

And if you're lucky enough to hand them something, it becomes a magical moment and then rush to the village a lot of children that you are reaching out and smile at you.

Too bad sometimes not all have to, but they're happy anyway and share that gift with others.

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New Project: school and house for students

Sunflower Association, is active in school for many years and helps the poorest situations, with sponsorships and solidarity tourism.

The project for a new school
For some time you are thinking of expanding our project to reach more young people, creating new classrooms, with bathrooms and building at least two other houses for hospitality students or asrama.

The project includes two masonry structures to make us classrooms and four bathrooms with two adjoining wooden houses with two floors.

All with chairs, tables, blackboards, cabinets, beds, supply of sanitary and electrical systems and a water pump that comes from the well that we dug earlier.

The budget is around 650 million of Indonesian Rupiah (about 47,000 euro).

For any donation, sponsorships or to help us realize this project:
BRANCH: Airmadidi
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 3646-01-020874-53-7

A moment of meeting and celebration
Or better with Western Union (so in betting shops, in some banks) or Money Gram (so the mail) with this header:
Name: Maria Theresia
Surname: Mongdong
Address: Sarongsong II 
Postal Code: 95371
City: Airmadidi
Province: Sulawesi Utara
Country: Indonesia

To learn more, my contact in facebook is:


Website: (solidarity tourism) (our association)

If you want to see the quote click here: quote

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