Sunday, 14 September 2014

Venda has a dream: to become a nurse

Venda Dotumot, born in Ternate, 13 November 1992 and live in guesthouse Baramuli, her father Philipus Dotumot works in a camp and a mother Belandina Tobelo was dead since 5 years ago. 

Venda helps in Sunflower Association to sew
When her mother was sick, her grandmother bring Venda in a house.

Now Venda is in a School Nursing Academy in Akper Baramuli and studing level II because Sunflower Association help her and grandmother.

Venda has one brother the name is Indra (16 years old), but Indra doesn't have a school and one sister the name is Vista ( 14 years old) and doesn't have a school too.
They can't go to school because the house is far to the school, there is 5 km and grandmother is very poor.

Venda has a dream: want to be a nurse in a hospital.

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Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Stefano Dentella still helps for children and for the school bathrooms

A new aid sent us the providence and we bought some clothes for children and the material to continue with the school bathrooms.

Children in a play gropu is happy
Thank you so much to Stefano Dentella who did still a gift to our Sunflower Association and sent the rupee and there were 5,200,000 had remained in cash 1,635,510 rupiah for a total of 6,835,510 rupiah that we used to buy clothes and hats for 25 younger children of play group and a material for the construction of the new school bathrooms.

I share how we handled this money:

25 clothes and hats: 2,500,000
Milk, rice and a book for family and Cheril: 504,000
4 bags of cement: 236,000
Bricks and sand: 2,000,000
Plumbing materials and one wc: 1,650,000

The total expenditure is made ​​of: 6,89,000 rupiah
For the bathrooms left to cover cost: 29,114,000 rupiah (1940 euro)
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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Village of Kulu and her people

The Village of Kulu is very small city and positioned in a strategic location, situated on a bluff overlooking the ocean.

Landscape in Kulu
We went to the very poor village of Kulu, a few miles from where Likupang in Indonesia, from the promontory where lies this small town, you can enjoy this nice landscape, that makes you want to dive into the ocean from the distance.

Here we met the people in the church at the center of the town and where the welcome was warm and wanted to know our school and our Sunflower Association and they put their problems in our hands, looking at the sky and saying that God, help us and protect us. 

I entrust them to you all and hope we can do something for them too.
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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Gloria Benini sends the profits of the book to the children of Teep

A special thank you to the writer Gloria Benini and all those who have bought the book, by the people of the village of Teep in Indonesia, who have been helped by the sale to charity this text: Racconti & Dintorni. 

Theresia teaches a song 
The proceeds were 5,650,371 rupiah that we used in this mode:
  • Material of stationery for six children: Inggrid Kaeng, Naya Mokoagouw, Fadly Kamad, Fadlan Kamad, Intan Mamonto, Rizky Mamonto and received (notebooks, pens, pencil, ruler, compass, eraser, sharpener, pencil case, six books for school ) 974,360  
  • Six folders for school 1,000,000  
  • Rice: 40 Kg 600,000  
  • Packed together: 356.000  
  • Shoes to use at school: 535,500  
  • Shoes for all days: 372,400  
  • Transport and gasoline: 500,000  
  • Dress for the school: 568,350  
  • Milk for younger children: 304,000  
  • Expenditure for poor households and 5,000 rupiah to several children to buy an ice cream: 459,230 
Expended 5,669,840
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